The Congregation of The Most Holy Redeemer
The Redemptorists are a religious congregation of priests and brothers within the Catholic Church who live in community for the sake of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially among people on the margins of society and church. Founded in southern Italy in 1732 by St Alphonsus Liguori, Redemptorists are in a majority of countries across the world. Most of our members belong to the Roman Church (Rite), but we have members also in other Churches (Rites) who are in communion with the Holy See.


Witnesses of the Redeemer in solidarity for a Mission to a Wounded World
We live in a world wounded by sin, violence, injustice, and fear. The degradation of the environment has wounded our planet and it’s the poor who feel most dramatically the impact of this degradation. Mary our Mother of Perpetual Help weeps for a wounded world through the pain of a human mother. A human mother weeps for her child who has nothing to eat and no clean water to drink. The environment weeps because of humanity’s pollution, greed, and hunger for power which are destroying our common home.

The theme calls Redemptorists to live their missionary vocation as prophetic witnesses of joy and mercy; available and sent forth to the most abandoned, especially the poor. All of us are called to reach out and touch the wounds of Jesus in our wounded world; which longs and cries out for healing.We Redemptorists in Sri Lanka invite you to join us in solidarity for a mission to our wounded world.
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Diaconate Ordination

The Redemptorist Region of Colombo would like to congratulate Bro.  Aruna Jayan

Become a Redemptorist
Do you ever have moments when you look in the mirror and wonder about the meaning of your life?
These are not just moments of – there must be something more OR there could be something more. Rather, these are moments when you sense you are being drawn into something more and you don’t understand fully where this is coming from, or where it may lead you.
It is a real challenge to leave behind what you know and what makes you comfortable.  It is a real challenge to risk it all in the name of three simple God-given words, “Come, follow me”.
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